3.62E+38 total CO2 molecules from oil and coal

=3.3 ppm of CO2 per year conclusively man-made from just coal and oil

VoLo Trustee Shares Findings on Climate Science

How Do We Build the Equation for Man-Made CO2?

Sources: Climate Central, Environmental Protection Agency, International Energy Agency, BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2017, Society of Petroleum Engineers International, CO2 Earth.

Other Source Links: http://petrowiki.org/File:Vol5_Page_0906_Image_0001.png  and https://www.co2.earth/annual-co2

 35,000,000,000 2016 barrels of oil consumption worldwide
=86 kgs of carbon in a barrel getting released to atmosphere (whole barrel weighs 125 kg, 85% Carbon)
(actual number is possibly over 100, but this is conservative based on fuels and heating oil produced in refinery)
=3.01E+12 kgs of carbon from oil to atmosphere
=1.10367E+13 kgs of CO2 to atmosphere
=1.10367E+16 grams of CO2 to atmosphere
44 grams per mol of CO2 (12 + 16 + 16)
2.51E+14 mols of CO2 released annually
=1.51E+38 molecules of CO2 released annually

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If you remember high school chemistry, then you have the tools to calculate how many molecules are in the atmosphere...

14.7 lbs/sq inch
=2.278504557 lbs/sq cm
1.03568389 kgs/sq cm
6370 radius of the earth in km
637000000 radius of the earth in cm
x 5.09904E+18 square cm in the earth
=5.28099E+18 kgs of the atmosphere
=5.28099E+21 mass of atmosphere in grams
29 grams per mol of air
1.82103E+20 mols of air in the atmosphere
=1.09626E+44 molecules of air in the atmosphere

How do we prove that humans account for 100% of the increasing CO2 in the atmosphere?

5.50E+09 # tons of coal consumption
=1.54E+10 Tons of CO2 when burned
=1.54E+16 grams of CO2
44 grams per mol of CO2 (12 + 16 + 16)
3.50E+14 mols of CO2 released annually
=2.11E+38 molecules of CO2 released annually